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3 Acts of Murder

In 1929, Arthur Upfield (Australia’s premier crime writer) plotted the perfect murder for his novel THE SANDS OF WINDEE. Meanwhile, one of his friends, stockman Snowy Rowles, put the scheme into deadly effect, even before the book was published. Based on a true story.
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5 Dollars

Kenny, 10, and his sister Lou Ann, 9, are paid five bucks to keep their mouths shut when their half-sister Erleen, 15, brings an older boy over to their trailer one afternoon, but when Kenny's Daddy shows up and almost catches Erleen in the act, Kenny and Lou Anne are put to the test.
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5 Variations on a Long String (predecing Ne Change Rien)

Over the past quarter century, composer/performer Ellen Fullman has developed and perfected her extraordinary 'long string instrument'. More than fifty feet long, the instrument envelops its audience in dense masses of sound; imagine standing inside an enormous pipe organ, or a huge grand piano.
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8: The Mormon Proposition

8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION examines the efforts of the Mormon Church and its members to halt nearly every piece of LGBT legislation on the desks of lawmakers from Hawaii to New York to the controversial Prop 8, which overturned California’s marriage equality act.
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A Gentle Push

Nine year old Robbie is looking forward to the last school day, that will keep him safe from his bullies for at least two months. Unfortunately, Robbie will have to say goodbye to a lot more this day...
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A Letter to Uncle Boonmee

A filmmaker captures images that characterize the violence and repression as well as the hope of rebirth and remembrance in northeastern Thailand.
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After the loss of her mother, Emily, 12, has a bleak outlook on life that only worsens when her grandfather from Argentina arrives for an extended stay. To their mutual surprise, she and her abuelo discover that dance provides a common language.
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Adelaide is looking for love in all the wrong places. Seeking attention by faking illnesses, she runs into Brad at the pharmacy counter, turning her strategy- and their lives- upside down.
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