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A special preview screening of selections from $5 COVER, a multiplatform series by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan).

Emerging musicians from Memphis, Tennessee, play themselves as they fight for love, inspiration, and money to pay the rent.
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3 Wheels

A rickshaw driver and an American tourist in China form a peculiar partnership that neither could have ever imagined.
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500 Days of Summer

Marc Webb's debut feature is a classic tale of unrequited love. But it's so much more. Helped along by a zippy soundtrack and thoroughly engaging lead performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, 500 Days of Summer manages to combine elements of Tarantino-esque post-modernism and Shakespearean romantic farce ? creating a film that should influence romantic comedies for this generation the way When Harry Met Sally did for the previous one. Tom is a handsome but awkward greeting card copywriter who falls head over heels for Summer ? who's just not as committed to the whole concept as Tom is. Love, sex, dating, infatuation, anxiety?it's the stuff of the best romantic comedies ever made?and it's all handled with a freshness not seen in the genre for some time by a bright new talent destined for great things.

Preceded by:
The Monday Before Thanksgiving (Courtney Cox, 2008, 19 minutes, USA - starring Laura Dern, Courtney Cox
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About Face

About Face stars Hugh Dillon and Ryan Ward and imagines a day in the life of a lowly office worker who signs up for an 'interactive reality' version of his social networking site.

Screens in the program "Fun with our Shorts On"
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When a food delivery into a war-torn village in Northern Uganda goes horribly wrong, the leader of a small UN contingent is faced with a terrible decision: play by the rules and watch children die, or risk the lives of an entire refugee camp in order to save them.

Screens in the program "Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors without Bo"
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Adam Resurrected

Adam Stein (Jeff Goldblum) was a top Jewish entertainer in pre World War II Berlin - cabaret impresario, circus owner, magician, musician--loved by audiences of all backgrounds - until he finds himself in a concentration camp, run by Commandant Klein. Adam survives the camp by becoming the Commandant's "dog", entertaining him while his own wife and daughter are sent off to die. Years later Adam is in a mental institution for survivors of Holocaust. One day, Adam smells something, hears a sound. "Who brought a dog in here?" he asks Dr. Gross. Gross denies there is a dog but Adam finds him--a young boy raised in a basement on a chain. Adam and the boy see and recognize each other as dogs--and their journey begins. Adam Resurrected is the story of a man who once was a dog who meets a dog who once was a boy.

Preceded by: Lessons from a Tailor (Galen Summer, 2009, 8 minutes) The story of how one man survived the Holocaust and then the fashion
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At the center of 24-year-old director Antonio Campos's debut feature, Afterschool, is the 21st Century media technology. With the advent of You Tube and cell-phone video cameras, everything from giggling babies to impromptu acts of violence has become internet entertainment. In such a world, can young people engage in reality without the distance the screen creates? Robert is a sophomore at an east coast prep school, assigned to capture stock footage for the video yearbook. When his assignment leads him to inadvertently filming the gruesome deaths of two of his classmates, Robert's world is altered forever. Campos manages to keep the social criticism to a minimum (though that criticism sears), instead he focuses on storytelling ? the ever-shifting allegiances of high school, the generational misunderstandings, and the difficulties of growing up. As a result, Afterschool is one of the most assured debut features in some time.
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Alex's Halloween

Eight-year-old Alex prepares for Halloween by dressing up in different costumes and imagining himself as those characters. More than anything, he wants to go trick or treating with his older brother, who only agrees to go if they can acquire tons of candy and sneak it past their health-fanatic mom.

Screens in the program "Shorts for the Whole Family"
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Alius Primoris

Conrad Atwood, distraught over guilt concerning his estranged son, finds himself approaching the end of his will to live when a ray of hope suddenly shines into his darkness. Now, a desperate Conrad seeks the one person who might be able to help him. However, to be truly free, he must embrace the genuine meaning of a simple phrase he has championed his entire life.

Screens in the program "Tennessee Film Night 2: Shorts"
04/23/09 06:15 PM : Buy Tickets
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American Harmony

Every year thousands compete in the world's greatest singing competition ... that you've never heard of. American Harmony journeys deep into the obsessive, zany, heartfelt world of competitive barbershop singing, where passion is equaled only by talent, and the reward is not fame or fortune, but simply victory. The film focuses on four quartets vying to win the International Championships of Barbershop Singing, in what turns out to be the closest and most controversial victory in its 70 year history. Max Q is the heavy favorite - a superstar quartet comprised of former Champions. Looking to upset them is OC Times (The Heart-Throbs), Vocal Spectrum (The Rookies) and Reveille, an aging foursome who that has been together for 30 years.

Preceded by: Pickin' & Trimmin' (Matt Morris, 2008, 11 minutes, USA) drops by The Barbershop in Drexel, North Carolina, where the atmosphere is laid back and the music is a cut above the rest.
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America's Lost Band

'Had these Boston bad boys stuck it out beyond their 1966 debut, we might today be calling them--and not the Stones--the World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band. As it is, The Remains most certainly are America's greatest lost band,' - Mark Kemp, June 2007 Paste Magazine.

The Remains appeared on Ed Sullivan, opened for the Beatles, and then broke up just on the brink of fame. America's Lost Band is a documentary of The Remains' return to Los Angeles for the first time in 40 years - since opening for the Beatles - a film that follows a group of 60-year-old musicians back together pursuing their passion. It's the story of what happens when a band reaches the cusp of rock greatness, but doesn't make it over the final hurdle ? and what happens when they put the past aside to renew the pursuit for greatness.

Preceded by: Electric Revolution, (Mark Moorman, 11 minutes, USA) which documents Gage Brewer's world premiere performan
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In Mumbai, the most densely populated city in the world, lives collide and, in an instant, can change forever. 'Andheri' is the story of Anita, a live-in maid, who after years of living a quiet lonely existence, finds the courage to run away in search of a better life...

Screens in the program "Take this Job and Short It!"
04/20/09 05:15 PM : Buy Tickets
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Animated American

A toon hating executive has a hare raising experience when he meets an out of work toon rabbit.

Screens in the program "Cartoons for Grown Ups"
04/18/09 09:30 PM : Buy Tickets
04/21/09 09:30 PM : Buy Tickets
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Animating History / Animating Reality

Animation doesn’t always mean fiction. In Articles of War (Daniel M. Kanemoto, 2009, 13 minutes, USA) a young American pilot fighting in 1944 writes what may be the final letter of his life to the man who inspired him to enlist - his father. In The Big Store (Lars Arrhenius, Johannes Muntzing, 2008, 8 minutes, Sweden) an x-ray camera captures the murder of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh. A boy struggles to understand his Father (Sebastian Danta, 2008, 9 minutes, Australia), an immigrant who has become an emotional refugee in his own home. In Germans in the Woods (Tim Rauch, 2008, 3 minutes, USA) World War II veteran Joseph Robertson remembers a soldier he killed at the Battle of the Bulge. During an operation on The Heart of Amos Klein (Michael Kranot, Uri Kranot, 2008, 15 minutes, Israel), the subject returns to significant landmarks over the course of his life corresponding with key moments in Israeli history. Lies (Jonas Odell, 2008, 13 minutes, Sweden) is three perfectly true
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Any Day Now

"Any Day Now is an enlightening performance documentary that tracks the 'Ten out of Tenn' tour in the summer of 2008. Not unlike the 'cinema verité' style of the 60's, the ten singer/songwriters allow us a brief glimpse into the lives of musicians today. While traveling on Willie Nelson's old beat up 1984 tour bus, the musicians leave their mark on every city both literally and figuratively. Together the musicians reveal an era of music and define the age of their time while savoring the experience and sense of family that was created. Performances by: Andy Davis, Butterfly Boucher, Erin McCarley, Griffin House, Jeremy Lister, KS Rhoads, Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones, Trent Dabbs, Tyler James, and Will Sayles."

Preceded by Fingers (Danny Mooney, 2008, 22 minutes, USA) Why do you do what you do?
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Aphrodite's Farm

Everyone in Taranaki wants to know the secret behind the magical milk produced on Aphrodite's Farm. The family secret has remained safe for four generations. However when patriarch Ralph Riley dies, the future of the farm is thrown into jeopardy. The timely arrival of young farm hand Friday will bring the family's destiny full circle? but things will get a whole lot worse before they get any better.

Screens in the program "For Better or Worse - Romance Shorts"
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Based on a WW II legend: A German soldier awaiting his doom in the pocket of Stalingrad spots an undamaged piano in the no-man's land between the lines. The urge to play one last time becomes irresistible....

Screens in the program "Ask Not"
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04/19/09 06:45 PM : Buy Tickets
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April Showers

Based on actual events, April Showers is about picking up the pieces in the direct aftermath of school violence. Set in a middle class suburban neighborhood, April Showers focuses on the lives of a handful of teachers and students as they attempt to make sense of a world that has just been turned upside down by one of their own. With the community and an entire nation caught up in the 'story', the students of Jefferson High must turn to one another for answers. In the wake atrocity, the rifts caused by misinformation and a frenzied media prove difficult to overcome. Lost and lonely under the international spotlight, one young man navigates his way through his almost indiscernible home. From quaint suburban town to battlefield turned media circus, Jefferson High provides the backdrop for Sean's struggle to cope with the loss of his friend April.
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Articles of War

A young American pilot fighting in 1944 writes what may be the final letter of his life, bearing his soul to the man who inspired him to enlist - his father.

Screens in the program "Animating History / Animating Reality"
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04/18/09 07:00 PM : Buy Tickets
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Ashes of American Flags - Wilco Live

The great band Wilco have 8 HD cameras and 42 channels of Pro Tools follow them around the south while they play small historic venues to rabid crowds, while allowing us to view the south through these veteran travelers eyes. Beautifully shot, edited and mixed, this film is proof that they are the most inventive group of musicians since The Band.
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