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As storm season intensifies, the paths of former storm chaser Kate Cooper, lured back to the open plains after a devastating encounter years prior, and reckless social-media superstar Tyler Owens collide when terrifying phenomena never seen before are unleashed. The pair and their competing teams find themselves squarely in the paths of multiple storm systems converging over central Oklahoma in the fight of their lives.
Sun, Jul 21 12:30 PM4:00 PM7:00 PM
Tue, Jul 23 7:00 PM
Wed, Jul 24 7:00 PM
Thu, Jul 25 6:45 PM
Fri, Jul 26 6:45 PM
Tue, Jul 30 6:45 PM
Wed, Jul 31 6:45 PM
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Despicable Me 4

Gru and Lucy and their girls — Margo, Edith and Agnes — welcome a new member to the Gru family, Gru Jr., who is intent on tormenting his dad. Gru faces a new nemesis in Maxime Le Mal and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina, and the family is forced to go on the run.
Tue, Jul 23 6:30 PM
Wed, Jul 24 6:30 PM
Thu, Jul 25 6:30 PM
Fri, Jul 26 6:30 PM
Tue, Jul 30 6:30 PM
Wed, Jul 31 6:30 PM
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Fly Me to the Moon

Sparks fly in all directions as marketing maven Kelly Jones, brought in to fix NASA's public image, wreaks havoc on Apollo 11 launch director Cole Davis' already difficult task. When the White House deems the mission too important to fail, Jones is directed to stage a fake moon landing as backup, and the countdown truly begins.
Sun, Jul 21 1:00 PM6:45 PM
Tue, Jul 23 6:45 PM
Wed, Jul 24 6:45 PM
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Silent Thunder

With the help of two bank robbers, a US Marshal sets out to rescue five prostitutes who have been abducted by a gang of desert dwelling, otherworldly, monsters.
Sun, Jul 21 3:30 PM9:30 PM
Tue, Jul 23 3:30 PM9:30 PM
Wed, Jul 24 3:30 PM9:30 PM
Thu, Jul 25 4:00 PM9:15 PM
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Deadpool & Wolverine

Third entry in the "Deadpool" franchise. Plot TBA.
Thu, Jul 25 7:00 PM
Fri, Jul 26 7:00 PM
Tue, Jul 30 7:00 PM
Wed, Jul 31 7:00 PM
Thu, Aug 1 7:00 PM
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The Jerk

After discovering he's not really black like the rest of his family, likable dimwit Navin Johnson sets off on a hilarious misadventure that takes him from rags to riches and back again. The slaphappy jerk strikes it rich, but life in the fast lane isn't all it's cracked up to be and, in the end, all that really matters to Johnson is his true love.
Wed, Aug 21 1:30 PM7:00 PM
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